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Top 3 Skin Care Tips for the Big Day!


REAL Beauty: Lorraine Kendrickson, Binibining Pilipinas First Princess 2014
Photographed by Noel Salazar. Hair and Make up by Rae Salazar

“Make up can do wonders, but nothing beats a flawless canvas.”

This is what I always say to my clients when they ask me about beauty tips for their wedding day and when it was my own wedding day, I invested more in my skin than any other time in my life 🙂

I want to share with you the Top 3 Skin Care Tips that I always give my Brides so that you too can start prepping your skin months before the Big Day.

TIP #1 – Take a trip to your dermatologist at least 6 months to a year before your wedding day.

This first step is crucial to every step that you will be taking next. Taking a trip to the dermatologist would help you discover more about your skin and this can, in turn, help you to share your findings to your Make up Artist because the condition of your skin will highly matter in what make up to best suit your skin type.

Here are some questions to guide you in asking your dermatologist:

“What skin type do I have?”

This is the first question you should always ask your dermatologist and the first that you should tell your make up artist. This would help to ensure that the products your make up artist will use on you fits your skin type and will give you the best results.

“Is my skin acidic?”

This matters because if you are acidic, then your make up artist should opt to use a different shade from what s/he would normally use.

“How can I lessen the appearance of my blemishes/acne?”

It is always better to have this treated at least a month before your wedding day so that your make up artist will not need to pile up coverage on your skin. It is always better for a lighter foundation to be applied and it feels MUCH better too! 🙂

“Do I need to renew my skin?”

In my personal experience, my skin works best with a diamond peel every 2-3 months. This helps to minimize pores as well as make my skin appear brighter (not lighter, but brighter and more radiant.)

REMEMBER: Your skin might react differently from other skin types. This is why it is best to consult with a trusted dermatologist first before doing anything. 🙂

TIP #2 – Be HEALTHY from the Inside, it will show on the Outside

Your skin acts as a shield, but it also reflects what goes on inside your body. So, your being healthy reflects on your skin. This why I always tell my brides to choose to be healthy by:

… Drinking more water!

Your body needs all the cleansing it would need and cleansing it daily is necessary. Water is the still the best option in doing this as your body is already designed to remove toxins naturally!

Click on this Link from Mayo Clinic to find out more about the right amount of water to drink.

… Eating / Taking more Omega 3s

This is your opportunity to achieve a smoother and brighter skin from the inside. Omega 3s help to make skin appear smoother and radiant! So, if you are a fan of pink salmon, this is the best time to eat more of it! 🙂

… Eating More Greens!

Vegetables have natural antioxidants that would help to clear skin from the inside. The natural effect of vegetables in the body help your skin look healthier too!

… Eat More Fiber!

A fiber-rich diet would help to flush out toxins in your body that makes your skin look dull. It also helps to keep breakouts at bay. Since our bodies are naturally designed to eliminate toxins, if it is unable to release toxins naturally, it will instead find its way through our system and will instead, excrete the toxins through our skin. When we increase our fiber intake, we help our body release toxins naturally and helps lessen it from finding its way through our skin. 🙂

How to load up on fiber? Oatmeal is an easy and good everyday option! 🙂

Get More Sleep!

The effects of lack of sleep show up on the skin. Basically, lack of sleep puts your body into stress mode. When your body is under stress, it produces the hormone called cortisol.

“In excess amounts, cortisol can break down skin collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic.” –

Lack of sleep also makes your eyes look puffy and swollen. It makes your eyes look swollen and tired.
So, get more beauty rest! 🙂

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TIP #3 – Moisturize, Hydrate, Protect Yourself from the Sun!

Even for oily skin types, moisture is the one thing that the skin will show. A hydrated skin will show itself to be smoother and even, firmer! The over-all effect is skin that looks younger and more refreshed!

Make up also adheres better and lasts longer on skin that does not lack moisture. Make sure that your skin is moisturized from the inside and out. 🙂

Make sure to also protect yourself from the sun by applying sunscreen everyday! The best ones incorporate moisture and sun protection in one: Tinted Moisturizer with SPF. (More on this in the next blog entries! 🙂 )

REAL Team Says…

Your big day is something worth preparing for early. While it’s just one day, the memories are sure to last for a lifetime. Imagine that it’s that one day to truly shine and it’s that day that even your great-great-great grand daughters will see in the future 🙂

So prepare for your skin early so the big day will just show your radiance! 🙂

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